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Sunrise at 5:23:45 AM Sunset at 8:13:50 PM

Michele Brougher
Email Michele(952)215-1503

Get me there
Veteran's Park
698 Fellows Rd
Genoa City, Wisconsin 53128

You are free to park here or anywhere in Genoa City (that is legal) for this ride.
Stops on the Ride
Registration is not open

Social Gathering Before/After

This is our Memorial Day weekend ride.  We have gone back and forth with it but our final idea is to do a simple century that is free for our members.  The guest price will basically cover your new membership to the club and guests get to ride as members with GLR for the rest of the year!

This is a really nice route from Genoa City up to Dousman and back.   We also ride most of the paved section of the Glacial Drumlin Trail (you are responsible for getting your own trail pass - it $5 to a good cause).  The route is mainly quiet roads with a few short stints on trails to avoid serious traffic near Waukesha.  The official halfway point of the ride is the Bike Doctor in Dousman.  Snap a photo of yourself in front of the shop for a chance to win some free stuff from GLR!  Coming out of Dousman is a very short section of WI-67 which has a shoulder but should be done with caution.  Lots of woods and wetlands and you have your choice of doing the route Saturday, Sunday or Monday!  Pick your start date/time and place.

Wisconsin recently struck down their safe-at-home order.  We DO NOT think this means that the state is suddenly safe - in fact, it's probably less safe and we urge extreme caution stopping at businesses.  The safety of our riders has always been primary.   For that reason, we will still follow our social distancing policy and offer the most options possible for our riders.  You may start and do this ride ANY time over the Memorial Day weekend (Saturday through Monday) and may do the route once.  The Bike Doctor is open Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 12-4.

You must register for this ride.  We will have a single photo op for you in front of the bike shop.  Send us a selfie of yourself in front of it and we will enter you in a raffle to win free rides with the club.  Drawing will be Monday night at 9:00 pm.  You must have uploaded your GPS Track to participate.

RUSA is not holding brevets during this period so this is a GLR Event only.

Socially distanced with GLR rides have 2 major distinctions to promote the safety of our riders.

  • BYOS - Bring your own Start.  You may start anywhere along the route you like during a time window from 5:30 am (dawn) to 9:30 am.  This is to spread people out on the course.  Riding in groups of more than 2-3 is discouraged.
  • Electronic Proof of Passage.  There will not be brevet cards or receipts or paperwork - everything is electronic including ride reporting.  At the finish of the ride, riders will submit a URL to a Strava or RideWithGPS track along with their start and finish times and distance.  You may report a lower distance if you are not comfortable riding the entire distance.  It's more important this year to keep active and ride than finish.  There will not be set controls and you are encouraged to stop as frequently as is comfortable for you.  Do not forget to stop or carry enough nutrition!

There is a MANDATORY zoom meeting the night before the ride.  Role will be taken, if you do not attend or make arrangements ahead of time, your registration will be cancelled.

Rider Feedback
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5/23/20 11:11 PM

That was fun.

5/25/20 01:26 AM

Great route heading north. Hills were challenging all day. We missed the

bike shop, made several wrong turns but worked things out. Super weather. First time this year in real hot heat.

5/25/20 01:53 AM

I misread google maps and passed the Doctor's!

5/26/20 07:55 PM

Lots hillier than I was at first thinking and I helped write the route. We started outside Waukesha and had a great day on the bike. It got to about 95 degrees at one point so I was glad there were places to get water. The section in Kettle Moraine and Dousman is especially nice.