Great Lakes Randonneurs


About Great Lakes Randonneurs

Great Lakes Randonneurs was founded in 1987 by Lon Haldeman.  Originally, rides were out of Sharon, WI but have moved over time.  Today, GLR hosts rides in several states, we always enjoy seeing new and small roads and exploring the Upper Midwest.  Our rides follow the general goal of endurance over speed; we do not race and our average speeds are generally in the realm of 12-16 mph.  A nice long ride in the countryside where we can view wildlife and natural features is always the purpose of a GLR ride.

Club Values

Our core values are Cameraderie and Perseverence.  Our club follows these two principles in everything that we do.

Camaraderie means that we value and respect each other as riders and individuals.  We share our challenges and know that our rides are successful when all of us have a good time and ride well.  We also value the places we live and ride in and respect them in our behavior towards the people we meet, be they motorists, other cyclists, pedestrians, etc.  Stopping or pausing to render assistance or just say hello to anyone is highly regarded and rewarded.

Perseverance means that we acknowledge that we all have goals and we know that it can take time to acheive them.  We always ride within our physical and mental limits and respect our abilities.  We are here to slowly become more fit and better,safer riding partners.

In the past, GLR has worked hard to emphasize riding in small groups to promote both safety and fun.  We always remember rides better when we have someone to share the experience with.  In the age of COVID-19, this is becoming even more of a challenge.  The sport of randonneuring has its roots in the 19th century and many of its traditions are unfortunately not friendly to the age of social distancing.  Riders are typically in the 40-60 year range which can be a more elevated risk for the virus.  Part of camaraderie this year is knowing our own risks even more than before.

In response, GLR is pausing from the more traditional models to embrace technology as a way to enable our core values.  Our pre-ride meetings will move to Zoom.  We also want to encourage people to stay socially "in touch" on rides via texting and other socially distant ways.  While we can't ride in a pack, riding with 1-2 others at a visual distance can give us assurance and support without increasing our risk.

None of us is safe until all of us are safe 

During the pandemic, we are as a club becoming more aware of those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  While previously we used the greatest part of our budget to provide amenities for ourselves, during the outbreak, this money will be diverted to support the homeless.  As of now, we have choosen The Night Ministry in Chicago as our charity of choice.  We have already donated almost $1000 to them via our jersey sale and as a portion of rider fees.


GLR works with several sanctioning bodies

North American Cycle Sport

American Bicycle Racing

Randonneurs USA

We are also a member of the League of American Bicyclists

GLR Leadership

GLR is run by a board of directors (and the efforts of MANY volunteers)

  • Michele Brougher - President and RBA
  • Kingston Smith - Treasurer
  • Regina Schurman - Secretary
  • Mike Welsh - Member at Large
  • Mike Hauptman - Member at Large

GLR Awards

Unlike the typical awards, ours are all based on participating and supporting our core values.  Awards should bind us together, not show us off.

  1. GLR Assistance Award - for taking time to help others
  2. GLR "Best PIcture" - for taking a photo that captures the spirit of the club (the photo will be featured on the next year's website)
  3. GLR Imperial Dozens - for showing up to 12 rides over the course of the year
  4. Imperial Hebdomadal Award - for riding an Imperial in 52 consectutive weeks
  5. Volunteer of the Year - for supporting others instead of riding yourself