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Safest Route Policy

Rider safety is always paramount at Great Lakes Randonneurs.  Safety comes through route design, rider awareness and club rules and procedures that promote it.  It is everyone’s business and the club approach is that it informs and is enforced by all our rules and procedures, including route design.  We can’t guarantee anything will be 100% safe, cycling has inherent risk.  The rider must always follow all traffic laws, etc.

Route design for safety is very challenging, especially in urban areas like Chicagoland.  It can also be difficult in the countryside as well based on time and conditions.  A safe route in the morning may be unsafe in the evening.

In 2020, COVID-19 is a global pandemic and will strongly impact what is considered a “safe” route.  For example, bike trails are usually considered to be safer than roads.  Right now, restrictions on travel and guidelines for safety have led to far fewer cars being on the road, but a huge number of pedestrians on trails.  This significantly impacts the assessment of what is “safe” from both a traffic and social distancing perspective.  Furthermore, potholes and other pavement issues may not be addressed as early as they would have normally.  Parks and public restrooms are also being closed due to pandemic concerns, this further impacts options.  These are critical services on an endurance ride.

No one wants to be in an accident, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It's a time to be extra careful and perhaps have a more laid back ride.

A route designed for GLR should conform to the following:

  1. Roads with pavement issues should be avoided, if none is possible, marking the pavement with paint may be done
  2. Roads with significant traffic at the time riders will be passing through should be avoided
  3. (COVID-19 specific) Routes should have the MOST service options as possible so that riders do not all stop at the same place
  4. (COVID-19) Route design should include business that are open and have a commitment to maintaining cleanliness including restrooms and a no-signature policy for credit cards
  5. (COVID-19 specific) Popular bike trails should be avoided OR placed on the route so that riders are not using them at peak pedestrian times
  6. The route should avoid complex intersections or ones without good options for a rider to legally and safely pass through (e.g. crossings where lights do not change and do not have a manual trigger)
  7. The overall distance of the ride is based on the published track, not on any calculation of the shortest distance between controls
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  • Sat 03 Oct
    Barrington Cow 400k Jewel/Osco Barrington Hills - Barrington
    Club Brevet
    Members: $10.00
    Guests: $10.00
    4 registered

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