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Most Attended Events for 2020

This shows which recurring rides have the highest attendance during the current ride year. You can sort by any column.

EventScheduledTotal RidersAvg Riders
Great Lakes Iron Porcupine 1200k13030
Happy No Trails12323
Psychedelic Turtle 300k2136
Chonkey Chimp 100k11010
Oregon Rides199
Chonkey Kong 200k188
Great Lakes Memorial Fleche and Dart188
Circle Tour of NE Lake County771
Chicago Double Loop 400k155
Reverse Cow 400k144
West Loop from Gurnee441
Chicago Triple Loop 600k133
Puff the Magic 600k133
Rivers and Prairies 100k232
Eau Claire River Ringle Rendezvous133
Wisconsin Loop Ride331
Fox River Ramble122
White Starlite 200k122
My Hip is Bleeding 200k221
North Pole to South Pole for Ice Cream122
Pike Lake Loop122
Respect Otis With Banbury Descent122
Lake-McHenry Imperial Century221
Keweenaw Loop Populaire111
Nellie's-Revere Loop111
Las Colinitas111
Rock River Imperial111