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Our classic Evanston Route from featuring more limited bike trails and quieter roads.  We take a circuitous route on quiet, residential streets (and add a little climbing too).  This ride is designed to give riders maximum flexibility in where they start and focus on safety as... Show Details

Coming soon!  The Opener on April 24th and the start of the Midwest Triple Crown Challenge!

It's been a hectic week and many final arrangements are in place!

First, our opener will be April 24th at Temperence Brewery.  This is ideally suited with a huge parking lot set for tailgating at the finish of the ride.  It will be easy to socially distance and enjoy the finish.  Register early so that we have a good count for parking and refreshments.  If you want to do this as a brevet, let us know by April 16 - we will send you a special registration link.

Second, the Midwest Triple Crown Challenge starts May 5 with the Turtletown Double Century.  This is an awesome route out of Woodstock featuring the best roads we could find in Southern Wisconsin.  It's reminiscent of the Psychedelic Turtle 300k but with an extended section in Rockton.  See here for more!

Finally, we have all the final costs calculating for July 3-5 in Green Bay.  We will hold the Dark Chocolate Cow 1000k as a fully sanctioned ACP 1000k running alongside the new Death's Door Double Century and the Peshtigo 1871 200k.  Food and hotel are included along (1000k and Double Century only) with a single supplement if you want a room to yourself.  We are crossing our fingers that vaccinations will be taking hold, but if not, this venue offers unique accommodations for pandemic procedures.

Hopefully everyone is healthy and staying safe.  As always, that is our primary concern.  We believe flexibility is key in allowing us to protect ourselves and the communities that we ride in.

Regarding Randonneuring

Randonneuring is sport based on traditions extending all the way back to the 19th century.  Gathering at controls, managing a brevet card and group riding are wonderful traditions that we want to preserve, but are a real challenge during the pandemic when flexibility is critical to maintaining safety on rides.  One of the biggest challenge is the current opening of Randonneurs USA and their national awards which encourage riders to travel into and out of our region.  This may promote the spread of variants before vaccines are widely available.  GLUC has pioneered safe social distancing in riding and expanded and refined our approach for keeping rides running while respecting the law and the challenges of the pandemic; our first and foremost concern is for our members and the communities we live in.

Per the input of a majority of the membership, GLUC is taking the approach that we will hold brevets only for GLUC members active on or before March 15 with the exception of our Dark Chocolate Cow 1000k on July 3-5.  If you are a current GLUC or GLR member or were a member in the previous 3 years we will make arrangements for you to register for a certified brevet.  This approach allows us to provide these rides as a benefit and safety option for members while discouraging travel both inside and outside our area.  You can see procedures here.

If vaccines become widespread and effective, we hope to make randonneuring options more widely available in the August-October timeframe or hopefully in 2022.  If you have questions, please contact us.


About Great Lakes Ultra Cycling

GLUC is a cycling club serving the Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee areas as well as eastern Wisconsin, the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and all of Norther Illinois.

Founded in 1987 by Lon Haldeman, our club has one of the oldest long-distance cycling groups in the country.  We are dedicated to advancing and supporting ultra cycling and randonneuring, a form of cycling that developed in France in the late 19th century when it was thought that the bicycle would replace the horse as the preferred mode of transportation.

Today, Great Lakes Ultra Cycling rides from our home of Chicago to the far west of Illinois, the far north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and everywhere in between.  Our brevets  and other longer distance rides, are from 25 miles (our shortest Imperial Ride) to the Grand Randonnée, at over 750 miles.  While the distances may seem daunting, our club is focused on cameraderie, not competition.  The most successful and well thought of riders are those who assist their fellow riders.  The miles go quickly among friends!  The core values of our club encourage and reward those who stay together.

Great Lakes Ultra Cycling membership is a mere $20 a year.  You may join by clicking here!  

We are affilated with several sanctioning bodies and groups and hosts gravel and other group focused distances. We welcome guests and realize that many out there would like to try out these types of distance before committing to a national organization.  Our goal is that you will always find a friendly face at our rides.

This year, GLUC will again host its Green Bay Gettaway weekend feature the Million Meters and other rides over the 4th of July.  Those seeking to try out the sport, pursue a goal, or just ride with friends are all welcome - people from all over the world have joined us over the years.  All we require is a friendly face and a willingness to ride.

If you have questions please contact us.


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