Accept the Challenge and Pick Any Three!

The Double Century is one of the key distances in Ultra Cycling.  Organized double centuries are extremely popular in the west and we are happy to bring them here.  While many have completed centuries, the double is the next step on the rung bringing the possibilty of some time at night.  The Midwest Double Centuries cover the finest cycling areas from the north of Wisconsin (Death's Door and Rib Mountain) in Green Bay/Wausau to the Driftless of Northern Illinois (Black Hawk and Dancing Jellyfish) to the rolling terrain of southern Wisconsin (The Turtletown).  Rides vary from 4,000 - 11,000 ft of climbing with scenery to spare.

In 2021, we challenge you to pick three of our doubles and complete them successfully.  As in the west, we will record those that complete the challenge and there will be a special commemorative for it.  And if not, just try one and stretch your limits.

A fully reflective vest and lights will be required for all double centuries (though in the dead of summer, some may complete the ride in daylight).  There is no time limit and rides will be supported with a check in at the halfway point and a drop sack service for those that desire it.

Registration is open for all rides!

Current Standings

Name Turtletown Dancing Jellyfish Death's Door Rib Mountain Blackhawk Totals
Mike Bishop X         1
Jennifer Danhaus X   X     2
Paul Danhaus X   X     2
Carl Ham X         1
Chuck Judy   X       1
Michele Brougher   X X     2
Todd Hoskins   X       1
Lena Chon X         1
Tom Kaldonski X         1
Sam Kling X         1
Clemens Kyllmann X         1
Michael Peters X         1
Rober Tesar   X       1
Scott Kristopeit   X       1
Reed Arott     X     1