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Woody and Slim's New Glarus 200k

Great ride!

CLUB OPENER: Evanston to Bull Valley 200k

First GLUC ride, and I loved it! Thanks for organizing and putting on such a great ride!


Super ride. Got a little off route in Winnetka.


It was a great course. Quiet roads and bike paths all with great surfaces. The weather really cooperated considering it was mid April.


Nice course. Thankful for the tailwind the last 40 miles, or so.


Really enjoyed this ride. Best opener ever! Thanks for the great ride Carolyn, James and Jerad. Hope to see you again.


I had a great time and would do another one. The route was good, with nice low-traffic (for me) streets.

Holy Moly

This was a pretty nice route - 5436 feet of climbing. Roads mostly good and secluded, with some small towns to go through. Controls well spaced. However, because I did the ride on a Tuesday, there was rush hour traffic in a couple cases to contend with. Drivers were, for the most part, very courteous. One of the towns I went through was Waterloo, Wi, home of TREK bicycle. I started the ride at Holy Hill because it's much closer to me than the official start point of Lake Mills, Wi. That created a slight complication in that when I got to the actual start point, my GPS considered the ride finished, so I had to end the ride then restart. I liked the route and would do it again.

Northshore 100k (Potawatomi Woods Start)

I had a great time meeting Ken and Richardo. Always a pleasure to see Ted and Brian as well.


Nice route.

Evanston Closer 2021

Thank you for planning and organizing this event, and making us feel so welcome!


Nice to finish. Will forward 4 state ride idea

Blackhawk Double Century

Awesome and challenging route. As always, thanks for organizing!

Dancing Jellyfish 125

Wow, a great day on the bike. I thought we would be poured on all day, but it turned out to be near perfect weather and almost no wind! Thanks for a great ride Lena and Paul.

Dancing Jellyfish Double Century

Epically hot day, but awesome support from Diane. Thanks for a great ride Scott and Chuck!


A great ride with an incredible route and excellent views. My first double century!

Dancing Jellyfish 375

Don't remember if I ever submitted this ride, or not. I promise to get better on self reporting. This is the one I split up into 3 200k sim days.

Chicago Loops (150 - 100)

What a hot but fun ride. Some nights are so beautiful that it is worth prolonging the ride to experience them. Thanks for a great ride Paul.


Great route and ride. Thank you GLU for hosting these wonderful events.


Kinda unreal how these super cycling roads were discovered then assembled into this route - Safe, low traffic, very scenic, varied terrain. Thanks to the organizers...


Thank you for organizing. This was a great event.

As you already know I broke it down into two separate rides:

Chonkey Chimp 100k

Route is through beautiful rolling farmland of northern Illinois. Gravel was not deep at all, and very fast rolling. Made a quick stop at half way at Caseys to refill water.

Second half had rain and a strong headwind. Was making decent time until a puncture around mile 52. A very generous local helped me change the tube, a net positive event in my view.

Despite the setbacks, managed to just beat the time limit, 6:39, with a time of 6:16. 5:32 of that was rolling. Ended up dirty, wet and cold, and ready to do it all over again.


Challenging ride but enjoyed it a lot. Awesome to have Alex riding with me.

Turtletown Double Century

Beautiful route and great support!

Happy No Trails 2021 Opener

Absolutely a fabulous time! The weather was perfect and the route was well payed out.


Super to be back on the road - Kudos to Michelle for all the work, both before and during the ride.


We ended up cutting the ride short due to relative fitness and speed. We took an alternate route in.


Great ride with great company. Thanks for organising.


Hi Michele, I am learning how to use my gps and apparently I did not record my ride on it :) I used it to follow a map, but that apparently does no automatically start recording a ride. We were with Adam all day long, you can use his track and stats for my record. Thank you and have a nice week!


I don't think I actually left the lot at 6:46 am - that's when I loaded the route onto ny Wahoo and then I rode over to throw my banana peel away triggering the start. The time I'm reporting is matches the RideWithGPS time, which is just fine with me. Thanks for a great ride!


Better late than never. Thanks for the great time. 

Barrington Cow 400k

Great route!


Another great brevet route! Weather a bit challenging but great camaraderie made it fun!


Major congratulations to Lena on her first 400k in some epic weather. Light rain and 37 is a challenge for everyone. It's the mark of a great rider that they never despair and just keep smiling for all of it. Looking forward to riding with you again. My 3rd 400k on a tandem was really awesome. Thanks to Paul for keeping me on the road through a major injury.

2020 Closer - Happy No Trails

Thanks to everyone at GLR. Great ride, great to meet everyone. Tons of fun!


Thanks for a great ride Paul! The large blizzard rocked.


Tandem ride being reported by the stoker!

Dancing Jellyfish 400k

Another great ride! Enjoyed the rolling hills, cool night riding, and watching the lightning light up the sky in the distance before the real thunderstorm began.


Thank you.

Reversed Puff 600k

What a great route and beautiful weather! Really liked the trail out of New Glarus!

Chicago Double Loop 400k

Hey Michelle. Nice riding the 2nd loop with you. Great day for a ride. Glad we had that trail to protect us from the NorthEast wind.

Let me know if the link doesn't work. It's a link to Ride with GPS



Great Lakes Memorial Day Imperial Century

That was fun.


Great route heading north. Hills were challenging all day. We missed the

bike shop, made several wrong turns but worked things out. Super weather. First time this year in real hot heat.


I misread google maps and passed the Doctor's!


Lots hillier than I was at first thinking and I helped write the route. We started outside Waukesha and had a great day on the bike. It got to about 95 degrees at one point so I was glad there were places to get water. The section in Kettle Moraine and Dousman is especially nice.

Fox and Rock 300k

Great route! Most rides that are memorable have unexpected challenges-and this had it all. Flooded routes, navigational challenges, an awesome tailwind for miles on end followed by hellacious headwinds that seemingly persisted forever as well as a crash and splash. Awesome!! This will be a brevet that will be talked about in the future.


Not a big fan of urban bike paths. Wishing I would have started in Woodstock to avoid the crowds. Overall I like the course. Pretty much in my back yard.


Although the wind for the last 65 miles was not fun, the route its self was great. Great riding partners. Some long distances without places to stop but those tended to be flat and manageable.


I never wrote this route as an early spring ride, but it worked and everyone had fun - including me! First 200k+ ride on a single bike since breaking my leg last year. The 20-30 mph headwind for the last 66 miles was impressive! I'm really looking forward to doing this route again when there is less flooding and I can enjoy the Fox River trail south of Elgin.

Chonkey Kong Country 200k

Amazing! Legs are dead but I feel great!


My first gravel road ride of any considerable distance The 50/50 mix was nice to go back and forth.

Newbie experience:

The gravel roads were in good condition and mostly easy to ride, almost like pavement. There wasn’t any washboard that I could remember. However, there were sections that had larger rocks on top of the hard pack which felt like riding on marbles. At times the rougher sections were pushing me off the road crown towards the shoulder. Needed to use the brakes on some gravel descents to maintain steering control (hard work on the climb and no joy on the way down). Did alright on the gravel climbs except for the early Chunkey Monkey where I did get off to walk about 30 feet.

Nice temperatures with my 9:04 am start and 7:45 pm finish. The headwinds to Savanna were strong and unrelenting, but nice to have some tailwind on the way back.

Thanks for the route and setting up the ride.

Chonkey Chimp 100k

I forgot to hit start on the Garmin until about a couple of miles down the road.

Great ride. Not a lot of gravel on the way back, but I guess it gave us a break.




Fun route! Some beautiful country out that way


We loved the course - and we enjoyed ourselves through the challenging hills:)

2020 Evanston Opener (Happy No Trails)

Thanks for everything. Couldn't have asked for better weather.


This was one of the best 200ks ever. The route was awesome, the planning was awesome, even the weather was awesome. I could go on and on! Loved the tour of the lifestyles of the rich and famous up in Lake Forest.

Also, supplying water on the route was real clutch--thanks.


Great day for a ride! Loved the route!


Nicely set up. Was too tired to complete the whole thing, only road around 90 miles of the brevet route.


Great ride!

Thanks, Michelle!


MIchele: It was nice to see you out on the road for support. The route was beautiful with exception of a few no shoulder sections on busy roads but we managed. All in all a great day.

Thank you.



My GPS shorted my 2 miles on my ride