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Most Attended Rides for 2020

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

RideRide DateRidersType
Great Lakes Memorial Day Imperial Century05-23-202042Century
2020 Evanston Opener (Happy No Trails)05-02-202023Club Brevet
Fox and Rock 300k05-16-202011Club Brevet
Chonkey Chimp 100k05-09-202010Gravel
Chonkey Kong Country 200k05-09-20208Gravel
Chicago Double Loop 400k06-13-20205Club Brevet
Psychedelic Turtle 300k06-13-20203Club Brevet
Chicago Triple Loop 600k06-13-20203Club Brevet
Rivers and Prairies 100k05-24-20203Imperial
White Starlite 200k03-21-20202RUSA 200
Respect Otis With Banbury Descent05-03-20202Imperial
Las Colinitas05-30-20201Imperial
Nellie's-Revere Loop05-13-20201Imperial
Rivers and Prairies 100k05-09-20201Imperial
Rock River Imperial06-27-20201Imperial