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Membership Cost for 1 year is $40.00

You are joining the club for the period starting 01/01/2024 and ending 12/31/2024.

Membership in Great Lakes Ultra Cycling gives you are variety of benefits including:

  1. Most events are free!
  2. Simplified registration for rides
  3. Your ride history captured with graphs and charts for all rides
  4. Access to our RideWithGPS Club account and premium features such as navigation for club rides
  5. Access to our Slack Channel
  6. A whole bunch of awesome people to ride with

At $40.00 a year, this is about the best deal that there is. We look forward to meeting you.

When you fill out the form below, you will need to successfully pay with PayPal. When we receive the payment (typically within seconds), a confirmation email will be sent to you with your new rider number. While not critical, this number is handy to jot down and is used throughout RideStats.

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